Hungarian Society of Pathologists

Our mission is to support the activities and creative efforts and energies of our members, to raise the level of their professional qualifications, to increase the quality of medical care, and within that, especially that of pathology and its related areas. The Society itself operates on a voluntary basis in order to contribute to the development of medical care and medicine. It also intends to foster the implementation of ethics-related tasks in the profession, to promote the practical achievements of health preservation, as well as to strengthen the professional prestige of Hungarian pathology inland and abroad. We wish to protect the moral standing of our members, and we protect their moral and financial interests in harmony with public interests.

Committee Members: President: HSP Cytodiagnostical Section

Dr. Gabriella Arató
Dr. Gábor Cserni
Dr. Monika Francz
Dr. András Iványi
Dr. Balázs Járay
Dr. Márta Jäckel
Dr. Ilona Kovács
Dr. Tibor Krenács
Dr. Janina Kulka
Dr. András Matolcsy
Dr. Gábor Méhes
Dr. Ferenc Salamon
Dr. János Szőke
Dr. CsabaTóth
Dr. Erika Tóth
Dr. László Vass


Dr. Zoltán Sápi

Dr. Attila Zalatnai

President Elect:
Dr. Tibor Glasz

Past president:
Dr. Gábor Méhes

Honorary members:
Dr. Miklós Bodó
Dr. Anna Kádár
Prof. Dr. Károly Lapis
Dr. Éva Magyar
Dr.László Kopper
Dr. Zsuzsa Schaff
Dr. Zoltán Szentirmay

Founding President:
     Dr. László Vass

President of the Section:
      Dr. Ilona Kovács

Secretary of the Section:
    Dr. Balázs Járay

Committee Members:
    Mária Csegődi
    Dr. Anikó Mágori
    Dr. Péter Pogány
    Dr. Eszter Székely
    Dr. Csaba Tóth