College of Pathology

The College of Pathology acts as an advisory board to the Minister of Health. The president of the College is appointed by the Minister. The role of the College is to formulate well-informed opinion on specific professional issues. It is also the task of the College to write and update the so-called 'Guidelines' document of methodological concerns. Issues concerning pre- and in-service education belong to the scope of its competence as well. Before the appointment of department heads, the College assesses the professional experience and suitability of the proposed candidate.

President of the College:
     Prof. Dr. László Kopper
    Prof. Dr. András Matolcsy
    Dr. Monika Francz
    Dr. Béla Iványi
    Dr. Kálmán Endre
    Dr. Kulka Janina
    Dr. Gábor Méhes
    Dr. Zsolt Orosz
    Dr. Zoltán Sápi
    Dr. Zsuzsa Schaff
    Dr. József Timár
    Dr. Tamás Tornóczky
    Dr. Csaba Tóth
    Dr. László Vass
    Dr. Anna Visky