Molecular Diagnostics Training School (MDTS)

2021.08.21. - 09:09

Dear Members

We are delighted to announce that we will once again be running our Molecular Diagnostics Training School (4th – 6th October) followed by the Image Analysis Training School (7th & 8th October). As in previous years, there will be an optional pre-course refresher session held on 3rd October.

We apologise for the rather short notice as we were hoping that the pandemic would have resolved sufficiently to allow us to run a live event. However, we feel there is still too much uncertainty and thus we have made the decision to run this as a virtual event.
A program is attached and we will aim to deliver the lectures live through Teams. The lectures will however be recorded and available after the event.
As always, we are giving the PathSoc membership the first notification. Registration may be for each school individually or for both school. Registration details are as follows:

Molecular Diagnostics Training School only (£90)

Image Analysis Training School only (£60)

Both Molecular Diagnostics and Image Analysis Training Schools (£140)

Programmes for both the Molecular Diagnostics Training School & the Image Analysis Training School can be found on the Society website

Please direct enquiries to:

We look forward to seeing you (virtually) there!
Professor Mohammad Ilyas,
University of Nottingham,
School of Medicine,
Nottingham Molecular Pathology Node and Academic Unit of Pathology